The America’s Cup is a sailing competition and the oldest competition in international sport.

It was first raced for on 22 August 1851 around the Isle of Wight off Southampton and Portsmouth in Hampshire, England, in a fleet race between the New York Yacht Club’s America and 15 yachts of the Royal Yacht Squadron. The race was witnessed by Queen Victoria and the future Edward VII and won by America. This is considered to be the first America’s Cup race.

It is the most iconic race in sailing.


Sailed in 2013 in San Francisco USA, the 34th America’s Cup has seen the greast come back in sport history of the American team.

I’ve been lucky enough to follow the whole campain for them. Is has been an incredible adventure in which I’ve been learnig a lot. 



The 33rd America’s Cup between Société Nautique de Genève defending with team Alinghi against Golden Gate Yacht Club, and their racing team BMW Oracle Racing was the subject of extensive court action and litigation, surpassing in acrimony even the controversial 1988 America’s Cup.

Since the two parties were unable to agree otherwise, the match took place as a one-on-one deed of gift match in gigantic, specialized multi-hull racing yachts with no other clubs or teams participating.

The Golden Gate Yacht Club swept the two races as their yacht USA 17 powered by a rigid wing-sail proved to be significantly faster than Société Nautique de Genève’s yacht Alinghi 5.


The 2007 America’s Cup was the thirty-second challenge for the America’s Cup and was won by Alinghi in the 7th race.

Alinghi brang back the America’s Cup in Europe, Bracelona (Spain).

By winning the 32nd America’s Cup, Alinghi changed what seemed to have become a tradition: that the winner of race three goes on to win the match.